What are These Flying Fairies

Stardust Flutterbye FairyThanks for visiting www.Flyingfairy.net where our mission is provide helpful information regarding the new Flutterbye Flying Fairy toy along with where to buy and get the best overall deals.

What Are these Flutterbye Flying Fairy

Remote controlled aircraft have long been mainly the providence of young boys, but with the arrival of these Fairies that has now changed.  Flutterbye Flying Fairies put the magic right in the palm of your little girls hands. Every Fairy can actually fly with the “helping hand” of a child.

Flutterbye Fairy is not actually a remote control toy since there is no control unit with levelers and knobs.  Instead it has infrared detection system built into the feet of each fairy.  This system detects when someone’s hand is placed underneath and it’s wings (ingeniously disguised propellers) will adjust the toys height so that it “magically” hovers over your child’s hand.  They dance, twirl and flutter gracefully through the air guided only by your little one’s hand.

There are currently three Flying Fairies; pink and purple “Flower” and blue and purple “Stardust, and gold and pink “Sunburst.”  All three dolls are dressed in lovely molded dresses and have gorgeous glittering wings just like in the fairy tales.

When Flower, Stardust, and Sunburst are not flying they rest on their display-charging stand so that they are ready for their next flight.  To initiate play simply press down on the button on the front of her stand to start the magic.

What are people saying about these Flying Fairies?

The public was first exposed to the Flutterbye Flying Fairies at toy fairs this year, and initial anticipation is high. Those who saw demonstrations are submitting rave reviews and can’t wait to get their own fairy to fly around!

Just the Facts Please.

  • The magical Flutterbye Flying Fairy is made for young girls ages 5-9
  • Requires 6 AA batteries for operation.
  • Easily recharges on her stand.
  • Flashing LED light on her stand lets you know when she has a full charge.
  • Full charge takes approximately 25 minutes and the Flutterbye Fairies fly for 5 minutes on a full charge.

Where can I get a great deal?

Your best bet for an all around great deal is Amazon.com.  They are offering a 20% discount off the suggested retail price of $34.99 in addition to Free Shipping options and you can even get your fairies gift wrapped.

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